Quicker, simpler and easier, XWord as a fantastic word processor meets every essential need of your daily word processing tasks. To create the tables and insert the pictures make your document more rich and colorful.
With the iCloud built right in XWord, the documents you create are kept up to date across all your devices.

16 thoughts on “XWord

  1. Whoever

    I have purchased the full version of “XWord” app just now on my MacBook Air.

    Kindly advise how do I save the files as .doc formats or .pdf formats? as now I can only save them as .xwd


    Look forward to hear back from you soon.

  2. Graham Roby


    I have the free version of X Word. I use Voiceover. When I try to insert a table, I click the insert menu and tables. If I then type in 5 to signify I want four columns, I can’t specify how many rows I want for the table. I get the same number of rows as columns. I’ve tried this the other way round specifying the number of rows say 5 and I’m automatically given 5 columns. Is this a bug or just something in the free version?

    Also are all the buttons so well labeled in the paid for version for Voiceover to interact with?

    Kind regards


    1. fututime@gmail.com Post author

      The free version is not support for table in my original opinion, and I don’t consider the Voiceover. In pro version, there is no problem.

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    1. fututime@gmail.com Post author

      Sorry that the app hasn’t a user manual, and you can click ‘Insert -> Page Break’ to insert a page.

  4. Nick

    Does XWord have a track changes feature like pages for editing? I’m tired of looking at blurry text while I edit in pages (I have a retina display).

    If not, is there another word processor that looks good in retina with the track changes feature?


  5. Cristina

    Hi! I got the paid full version of XWord and I am truly unhappy! As I am typing the pointer just goes anywhere and everywhere and if I am not careful the continuing sentence appears somewhere else, definitely, where it doesn’t belong. I addition, I can’t put any graphics on the page. My, I am truly not a happy camper here. Please HELP!!! Thank you!!!!!

  6. Mo

    I just purchased the full version. Can you please tell me how to insert footnotes. I really hope its included otherwise I just wasted $10.

  7. Lauren

    I’m trying to put just a header like: Last name, page number. However, it won’t let me change the font of it and it puts it as both a header and footer when I type it in. How do I just put it as a header?


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